Column spurs work experience offer

I know from the bitter experience of setting up this very basic blog that website design isn’t easy. But surely the Bar Council, with all its resources, could have done a better job on its new careers website, , which I reviewed last week for the Guardian.

As usual, the piece provoked a good debate in the comments section – and even saw a barrister offer some work experience to wannabe barristers from working class backgrounds (whatever that term actually means).

Here’s the post, which was written by LeeGUK, who appears to be Lee Gledhill of specialist medical and regulatory law set Alexander Chambers.

In light of this article, if there are any working class people who have qualified in law who would like to shadow a successful (formerly ?) working class barrister for a few days then I would be only too happy to arrange it (subject to our clients’ consent and our not being over-whelmed by demand: a lot of people want to become barristers).

Contact Lee through this website:

In other news, Matthew Parris in The Times reckons that after we’re done with Hackgate the lawyers are next (£). Parris seems to have a particular dislike for lawyers, but his comments make interesting reading.

“MPs have bitten journalists; journalists have bitten MPs; now judges, who hate the media, are about to bite journalists,” he wrote on Saturday. “Sooner or later comes biteback time. That the practice of law in England has for centuries been a stitch-up to enrich a professional monopoly at vast public and private expense is perfectly well known — not least by lawyers, who subliminally know that theirs is not quite a gentleman’s calling. Hence their rather desperate pomposity and self-regard. It must crack.”

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