Social mobility, with a dash of nepotism

Got a great story from a tipster last night.

Yesterday was the launch of ‘Professions for Good’ – a public information campaign made up of the representative bodies for the UK’s largest professions, including the Law Society and the Bar Council.

Professions for Good’s stated aim is to “seek to unite the leading professions to maximise their contribution to a fairer society, a strong economy and better informed policy making” and their first campaign is on fair access to the professions and social mobility.

Their PR agency is Spada, led by Gavin Ingham Brooke (pictured).

To a room of two hundred or so people, they screened a video that had been commissioned on fair access and equal opportunities. In the credits it notes the creator of the piece: Alexander Ingham Brooke – the son of Gavin.

In other news, a Pupillage Portal-related fuck up – and not the first.

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