The bloggers behind the essay cheat story

Oh dear, Oxbridge Essays…

The notorious essay writing company’s unsuccessful attempt to crack the law student market is the subject of my Guardian law article this week.

Here’s one of their, er, unconventional model answers (for an inns of court scholarship):

“It may not be the best thing to say but all the Inns are beautiful and offer fairly similar services. I wanted to go with whichever Inn I felt a greater attachment to and that was Lincoln’s Inn, primarily because I used to walk through New Square past Wildy’s each day on the way to university and was able to picture myself working in the gardens for which Lord Denning used to care from time to time in his later years, or drinking tea in the newly refurbished MCR!”

Geeky legal market followers may recall the storm that erupted about all this a couple of years ago (my Legal Week article about it is behind a paywall, but for subscribers here’s the link).

The story was broken by Ekaterina Zelenova – a qualified barrister who is completing her QLTT transfer exams to become a solicitor – on her quirky and excellent Android’s Reminiscences blog.

It was then followed up by Simon Myerson QC, author of the informative ‘Pupillage and how to get it’ blog, who argued Oxbridge Essays’ services equated to “cheating”.

But it was left to legal blogging godfather, Mike Semple Piggot (AKA Charon QC – pictured above), to score the best scoop of all, persuading Oxbridge Essays head of sales John Foster to do a podcast interview with him. Foster makes a great pantomime villain, with Mike playing the role of slightly disapproving parent doing his best to give a wayward youngster the benefit of the doubt. Perfect Friday listening.

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