London riots: an evacuation plan

As London descends into clockwork orange-style anarchy, it’s difficult to get too excited by legal news.

But as I don’t want to risk going outside, I thought I’d courageously stay in and do a blog post about lawyers – then tenuously link it to the riots.

Sadly, there’s not much going on in the legal world right now, with most of the bigshots away on holiday. But Legal Week does have part two of its epic hour-long interview (designed by the same people responsible for with the head of Allen & Overy, David Morley.

Ah, David Morley – one of the nicer big law bosses, and a man who really does seem to like interviews.

He likes them so much that the last time he did one he invited the interviewer to spend the night at his house. Really. Here’s the paragraph after the journalist (the Times’ Alex Spence) wakes up and comes down for breakfast with the A&O chief:

“The next morning, I find Mr Morley at the kitchen table, newspapers spread out in front of him. Mrs Morley prepares a generous breakfast, then grabs the dogs and we all head off for a brisk walk on Esher Common. I struggle to keep up. Which does not bode well. On our return, it’s time to change into workout clothes. Mr Morley re- emerges in full, cycling lycra.”

Perhaps if things get really bad in London Mr Morley will have me to stay, too?

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