Round my kitchen table PODCAST: lawyers on Twitter

Are tweeters fair game for journos? Following a spot of controversy over my Guardian law piece on tweeting lawyers, I chat over a bottle of wine with Emily Jupp, a social media journalist at The Independent, who, amongst other things, is responsible for the @TheIndyNews and @TheIPaper Twitter feeds (Emily herself tweets at @EmilyJupp). Also with me is my regular guest, lycra loving employment lawyer Kevin Poulter of corporate firm Bircham Dyson Bell.

[buzzsprout episode="31550" player="true"][buzzsprout episode="31550" player="true"]


Transcript: round my kitchen table podcast – lawyers on Twitter Transcribed courtesy of Gary Walters of Your access to Legal Education, 2011

Editorial note: the sound quality this week is the best we’ve achieved so far, but next Friday you’ll be able to hear the dulcet tones of Kevin and I via my new crisp, ultra-clear Yeti mic.

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