Some interesting comments on my Guardian column about lawyers’ clothes this week – revealing, amongst other things, a united loathing of dress down Fridays.

Auntie Bee summed up the prevailing sentiment: “dress up or dress down just puh lease save us from casual fridays.”

I’m with you Auntie Bee. Pre-ordained fun occasions = not fun.

The inspiration for the column was a piece by Vivia Chen, who writes the Careerist blog which is published by the American Lawyer magazine.

In it she quotes William Urquhart, founding partner of the international law firm Quinn Emanuel, as saying: “We take casual dress to a whole new level. The only dress code we have is that you to have something between your feet and the carpet–and that’s because our insurance company requires it!”

Note the ever-so-slightly tragic explanation mark – highlighted in a subsequent piece by Jay Shepherd in the US blog Above the Law. Shepherd also mentions a good story about another big law firm that has taken the opposite approach to Quinn Emanuel.


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